• The Spacenet company relies on vast experience in telecom technology collected throughout many years of work on numerous international projects comprising the full range of telecommunication services, including mobile networks, IP networks and optical fiber networks. 

  • Combining the knowledge meticulously acquired over the years under one brand, we work as a fully professional, synergic team dealing with telecommunication projects at each stage, starting from the initial phase of project management, through planning, site inspections, project design, up to the phase of implementation and start-up of the network.

  • We are successfully provide network maintenance services 24/7 for telecommunication operators.

  • All our employees are renown professionals in their domains. We strive to ensure that their work for SpaceNet is rewarding and offers to them development prospects.

  • Very good work organization and professional engineering and technical knowledge possessed by our company allow us to take full care of our Customers throughout the project.


SpaceNet Sp. z o.o.
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